NEW: Guidance for working in medical settings during Covid-19

ASLI, in collaboration with ASLI’s Deaf Interpreter Network (DIN), RAD, SignHealth and BSMHD has produced guidelines for Communication Professionals in healthcare settings during COVID-19, as well as for organisations booking interpreters in healthcare settings during COVID-19. Additional contributions have kindly been made by WASLI and NRCPD.

Both Documents can be found here

Guidelines for Communication Professionals 

Guidelines for booking Interpreters in Healthcare Settings

We hope these resources will provide useful information for colleagues and clients to stay safe, while also providing the best possible service under the current circumstances, and will be useful for medical professionals when considering accessibility and safety needs as well as infection risks of deaf people, particularly sign language users, and interpreters, in all medical settings.

As these are living documents and information and guidelines are likely to change at short notice, the documents will be amended regularly. Therefore, rather than setting a formal consultation period, we welcome continuous feedback from members as well as healthcare professionals and the public and will seek to incorporate any suggestions where feasible on an ongoing basis. Please send your feedback to

Many thanks to all contributors for the hard work and tremendous effort that has gone into this important project! 


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