ASLI Mentoring Programme – Update

The ASLI Board has received some feedback regarding the entry criteria for the new ASLI mentoring course provided by Interpreting Pathways.

The criteria was agreed back in 2019 by the board. It was agreed that 5 years post-qualification experience was appropriate as we wanted to ensure applicants had experience in the field so the needs of those seeking mentors could be met.

From feedback provided, we have become aware that by using this figure we are at risk of reducing the potential to create a more diverse pool of ASLI mentors available to support others.

We are aware, for example, that our deaf colleagues have not had the same opportunities as our hearing colleagues but have been providing informal mentoring after working for many years, and may have only become qualified more recently because of the nature of the profession and opportunities for training and employment.

We have spoken with Interpreting Pathways and agreed to a change in the criteria. The ASLI Board has now agreed to five years’ post-qualification experience or, if you are deaf or from an under-represented group with fewer than five years’ post-qualification experience you are eligible to apply and applications will be considered case by case. Please note this course is for ASLI members only.

The focus of this first cohort is on those already providing mentoring, but who have had no formal mentoring training. We hope to offer this training again once this first cohort is complete. Following feedback from the first cohort, the course content and criteria may be reviewed to ensure we are able to provide appropriate training and increase the number of ASLI trained mentors for practitioners.
We thank those who have fed back about this and we know that we will not be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to train as a mentor in this first cohort, but do we hope this amendment means other potential applicants will now be able to come forward to be considered.
If you have not yet applied and would like to, please do so. If you do not have 5 years’ post-qualification experience, but would like to be considered for this first cohort of training, please contact and we will discuss your situation further.

This change has meant a delay and changes to the course dates. The new dates are:

Course begins 1st September 2021 – initial course material available for individual study from this date


18th September 2021 (2 hour introductory session)

9th & 10th October 2021

20th & 21st November 2021

8th January 2022

Tutorials available in January-February 2022

Submission of final work – March 2022

To apply please go to:

The new deadline for applications is 30th June 2021.

You can submit your application in English or BSL.

Thank you,

The ASLI Board