ASLI is delighted to announce our AGM will be held online on Sunday October 3rd.

Members can access the information and nomination forms on our website and all members forum now.

Further details regarding the time will be announced soon. We will run a pre-AGM discussion like we did last year nearer the time so members have an opportunity to discuss any motions before deciding how they wish to vote.

Voting will be done online and results announced during the AGM.

We encourage members to join the board and/or nominate colleagues.

FASLI nominations can be done using the form within the AGM paperwork.

Due to our conference plans changing the Ben Steiner Award was moved to this year.

Please see the link below for details:

To attend the the AGM you will be able to RSVP on our website events calendar nearer the time so the Zoom link is emailed to you directly.

If you have any queries regarding the AGM please contact