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Are you interested in writing for Newsli?

Newsli is your magazine and sign language interpreter practitioners, researchers and educators are its core readers and contributors. We are keen to feature ideas and insights from deaf community members as well as people in the profession, so please keep articles coming by email to the editor Zoe Cacanas, at


Newsli deadlines

The deadline for Newsli articles is the 1st of the month before the issue month, for example, the 1st June for the July issue. The standard word count is 1,000 words for a standalone article, although some features run to longer than this.

Please email the editor in advance to discuss your idea, its suitability for Newsli, content, angle and length. The editor is always happy to read first drafts and get back with further queries, as this is standard practice as part of the submission process. We aim to provide a range of articles in Newsli, from practitioner perspectives to practical application pieces on particular domains, to summaries of new research.

All articles must have appropriately cited references and care must be taken to make it clear when it is the word of the contributor, or the words of others. For more information regarding citing and avoiding plagiarism please see here.


Around the Regions pages

These pages, which appear in every issue, are intended to showcase what ASLI’s Regions have been organisingsince the last issue came out. Up to 500 words is the usual limit, with details of specific events and dates. Please remember to take lots of great photos at your events, in as high a resolution as possible! The deadline for this is also the 1st of the month before the issue month but, if you have an event that falls a couple of weeks later and want to send in details and photos, please email the editor so that space is made in advance.


Why I Became an Interpreter

This regular column, which appears in every issue, features a different SLI every issue and invites them, via emailed questions, to talk about their path into sign language interpreting. It’s also a launchpad into talking about other interpreting-related issues, so if you have something to say and prefer the structure of question and answer, this is a more low-maintenance and straightforward option than writing a standalone article.


The Trainee Perspective

This regular column involves a different trainee SLI writing in each issue about a trainee-pertinent topic of their choice. Please email the editor to talk through what you want to write about; it could be useful research for trainees, current challenges, trailblazing tips on co-working, how to know when an assignment that takes you into a new domain is the right one. These are just examples and the world is your oyster.

Newsli’s Editorial Advisory Group

In 2020 ASLI worked with Newsli’s Editor to establish an Editorial Advisory Group. The idea, proposed by a member, was agreed and members were invited to apply to join the group. The original group members:

Jemina Napier – facilitator (stepped down in 2021)
Layne Whittaker
Paul Michaels
Sarah Bown
Rachel Radford
Jill Henshaw (Chair of the Board of Directors)
The aim of this group is outlined in the advertisement sent out here.

Our quarterly magazine, Newsli, aims to be the touchpoint for sign language interpreters in the UK and beyond. With domain-specific features, research articles, practical professional advice and news on future ASLI and wider SLI events, Newsli is a must-read for sign language interpreting professionals.

ASLI Members receive Newsli as part of their membership package and can access back issues through our Archive.

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