ASLI Constitution

The ASLI Articles of Association set out the management of the association, as well as the board of directors, and members.

ASLI recently adopted new articles at the AGM in 2015 and our previous documents have now been archived.  The new document can be viewed below;

ASLI Articles 2016

The Bylaws (2016)

ASLI Values Statement

Information about past AGMs can be found here

Online Bylaws

Work is underway to combine the following policies and internal practices of the Association into a single Bylaws document.  The current bylaws document can be viewed by members here.

Documents to be incorporated into the Bylaws;

  • Equal Opportunities Policy 2000
  • FASLI Policy 2007
  • Giving Up A Days Pay Policy 2008
  • Advertising with ASLI Policy 2013
  • Use of the ASLI Logo Policy 2010
  • ASLI Forums Policy 2013
  • Rights and Responsibilities for Members’ Use of the ASLI Website 2011
  • ASLI Reserves Policy 2013
  • ASLI Policy for Claiming Expenses and Renumeration 2014

Members can tag ‘ASLI Constitution’ to receive instant updates of this work.