Call for Abstracts

efsli conference 2022 “#Awkward”

3-4 September 2022

(hosted by ASLI UK – in Manchester)

Abstracts are invited for presentations (20+10 minutes Q&A), panels (30 minutes), or posters on any aspect of interpreting or translating taboos, this includes:

  • cultural taboos
  • psychological taboos
  • professional taboos
  • contractual taboos
  • training taboos

and that brings into the light all things concerning gender, race, sexuality, religion, identity, etc. that we shy away from or consider as a taboo.

Abstracts can be submitted (and eventually presented) in one of the following languages: International Sign (IS), British Sign Language (BSL), or English. And these abstracts can either be practice based or research based:

Practice-based submissions should:

  • Describe an issue of practical importance related to the conference theme
  • Present a novel strategy for addressing this issue in real-world context
  • Discuss any available results/observations of the effectiveness and/or impact of this strategy
  • Identify opportunities for future investigation/evaluation

Research-based submissions should:

  • State the research question(s) and specific hypotheses
  • Describe the methods used to address the question(s)
  • Summarize the results to date (in-progress work is allowed)
  • Summarize the implications of the findings for theory and/or practice

Abstract format

  • A long abstract for review 
    • Written abstracts (English) should be 500 words or less on one page; one additional page can be used for references
    • Video abstracts (IS or BSL) should be 5 minutes or less via YouTube (unlisted); and one page for references
  • A short abstract for publication on the conference program website
    • Abstracts should be 200 words or 2 minutes or less
  • The abstract should:
    • Have a title 
    • State whether presentation/panel/poster

Please note that because video abstracts reveal the identity of the author(s), all abstracts, including those in written English, must include presenter/panel member names.

Abstract reviewing

The research committee will consider:

  1. Does the issue address the theme of the conference?
  2. Is the issue / research question clearly stated?
  3. Is the methodology appropriate?
  4. Is the conceptual framework and/or analysis coherent?
  5. Is the issue new or novel, i.e. not presented before?
  6. Is the issue interest to the audience?


Proposal submitted  15th April 2022

Decisions on submissions by 6th May 2022

Presenters confirm by  13th May 2022

Program made public by 16th May 2022

Please send abstracts to [email protected] these will then be forwarded to the scientific committee.

Scientific committee:

Aurélia Nana Gassa Gonga, Radboud University (PhD candidate)

Dr Sarah Sheridan, Trinity College Dublin (Assistant Professor)

Sandra Pratt, University of Wolverhampton (PhD candidate and Senior lecturer)

Prof Dr Okan Kubus, University of Applied Science Magdeburg (Professor)

Dr Christopher Stone, University of Wolverhampton (Head of Committee, Reader in Interpreting and Translation)