Efsli Conference 2022 Program

The efsli #Awkward conference was held in Manchester on  Saturday 3rd September and Sunday 4th September.

The outline program for the weekend  is below

Friday pre-conference open space – 9.45am – 3.45pm

The day will be a mixture of presentations, breakout sessions and networking. The emphasis of the day is on delegates bringing their thoughts and contributions to the themes of the day.

9.45-10.00Welcome to Manchester
efsli board
10.00-10.30Theme 1
What does efsli look like in a post covid world.. Ice breaker
10.30-11.30Discussion groups
11.30-11.45feedback session
12.15-12.55Presentation 2
“They’re not an imposter, I’m the real imposter!”
Dr Jules Dickinson and Brett Best

14.00 -14.40Presentation 3
"We are after your Job?"
Helen Fuller and Mark Millington
efsli board meeting with NASLI reps
14.45-15.30Presentation 4
"Professional conscience, acknowledgement of power and the vital role of reciprocity in raising the standards'
Theresa Thomas-Morton – NRCPD Practice Policy Officer
efsli board - NASLI reps meeting
15.30- 15.45Concluding remarks

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Saturday Conference 9.30am -5.00pm

“Awkward: the flip side of sign language interpreting”.
Hilde Haualand
10.45-11.15Presentation 3
Finally free of the interpreter’s gaze?
Maartje De Meulder and Christopher Stone

Presentation 2
Is our post-pandemic Tool Kit missing a few essential tools?
Frances Everingham

11.45-12.15Presentation 18
International Sign interpreting: are there gendered elephants in the room.
Karolien Gebruers
Presentation 4
Exploring professional taboos in interpreter-mediated Mental Health Act assessments.
Jemina Napier, Alys Young, Rebecca Tipton, Sarah Vicary, Celie Hulme, Natalia Rodriguez Vicente
12.30-13.00Presentation 5
Anti-social interpreting: Drawing a line in the Sand.
Naomi Sheneman
Presentation 6
Breaching Taboos: Towards Evidence based training for stakeholders working in interpreter mediated Domestic Sexual and Gender Based Violence (DSGBV) settings.
Lorraine Leeson, Lianne Quigley, Haaris Sheikh, Gill Harold, Leonie O’Dowd, Catriona Freir, Sinéad Molony, Brian Conway, Andrew Geary, Lucy Carey, Jemina Napier, Lucy Clark, Maribel del Pozo Triviño, David Casado Neira, Maria Del Carmen Cabeza Pereiro, Silvia Pérez Freire, Beatriz Longa Alonso, Frankie Picron and Mark Wheatley
14.30-15.00Presentation 7
Nonconformity and signed language interpreting: (dis)uttering expletives.
Octavian E. Robinson
Presentation 8
What’s missing? Equity, diversity, and inclusion training for interpreters, pre and post qualification.
Azaria Francis
15.15-16.00Panel 1
The Cincinnati AA/Black Interpreter Collaborative: The Power of Counterspace.
Amber Burley Munnerlyn, Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste, Akilah Richardson, and Crystal Stewart

Sunday Conference 9.15am – 3.30pm

9.15-10.00Keynote 2
Intersectionality and Interpreting: Exploring interpreters of colour in the UK.
Selina Jacques
10.00-10.30Presentation 9
Don’t mention the machine: the #awkward future of human interpreting.
Maartje De Meulder
Presentation 10
“We’re just going to make you comfortable now” - Linguistic and interpersonal challenges of interpreting conversations about death.
Paul Belmonte
11.00-11.30Presentation 11
The code-mixing console - A dynamic model for smoothly sliding between sign language and signed spoken language.
Katharina Cordts
Presentation 12
Improving global majority take up within signed language interpreting &
translation profession.
Nikki Harris
11.30-12.00Presentation 13
Why don’t you understand IS interpreters if international sign is so visual?
Aurélia Nana Gassa Gonga, Onno Crasborn and Ellen Ormel
Presentation 14
Mediating rapport and im/politeness: are we too ‘good’ or not good enough?

Rachel Mapson
12.00-12.45Panel 2
Career fatigue, longevity, and burnout.
Mike Ballinger, Mark Hetherington, Caron Wolfenden, Omoyele Davey
14.00-14.30Presentation 17
When he comes into police custody, he has certain rights: the burden for achieving access in a video-mediated custody interview.
Robert Skinner
Presentation 16
Interpreting through change: managing the menopause as work
Linda Duncan

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