Equality and Diversity

The Association of Sign Language Interpreters’ Equality and Diversity Group, established in May 2020, worked incredibly hard during very difficult times to establish our Equality and Diversity Policy. We would like to thank all involved for their time, energy, commitment and to recognise that creating such documents can take a lot of courage when dealing with lived experiences.

ASLI’s Equality and Diversity Policy can be found here.

The current Equality and Diversity Group members are:

Selina Jacques
Ruth Peaker
Olivia Whitter
Rachel Wilkins
Layne Whittaker
Miles Harris
Shaunett Harris
Azaria Francis
Elizabeth Mooney
Robert Adam
Shannene Anderson
The Terms of Reference for the Equality and Diversity Group can be found here.

ASLI’s Complaint’s Procedure can be found here (coming soon).

ASLI’s Bullying and Harassment Policy can be found here (coming soon).