Giving Up A Day’s Pay

Giving Up A Day’s Pay (GUADP) is an ASLI fundraising arm to support our colleagues overseas with the development of interpreting skills and knowledge.

The concept of GUADP came at the 11th European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI) Conference 2003 in Brighton and hosted by ASLI. Liz Scott-Gibson (ASLI member) was one of the panelists who were updating the EFSLI conference on the developments of an international interpreting body – a World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI). In this the European context, Liz explained how the panelists would like to see another meeting taking place in 2005 that would see interpreters of the world coming together. This meeting took place in Worcester, South Africa over three days, which was the first WASLI conference and there were over 220 delegates from over 40 countries in attendance.

One important point Liz raised at the EFSLI conference in 2003 was how great it was for all those interpreters to be there at the WASLI conference in South Africa. She added however, that there are many interpreters who, for whatever reason, would not able to attend. Liz suggested that perhaps we could consider “giving up a day’s pay” and that money rose could go to supporting interpreters attend the WASLI conference 2005 in Africa.

The ASLI National Executive Committee (Board) formally endorsed the notion of supporting interpreters at their meeting in February 2004 and a formal fund was set up: Giving Up A Day’s Pay (GUADP). Sufficient monies were raised that resulted in ASLI being able to sponsor Theodoric Rajaonary from Madagascar to attend the inaugural WASLI 2005 Conference in South Africa.

Purpose of the fund

The purpose of the fund is to provide the opportunity for ASLI members, supporters or any other individual/organisation in assisting their fellow interpreters in other countries. Assistance in this context means providing the funds that either allows colleagues from other countries to

  • attend a nominated event. A nominated event culd be a conference, (ASLI, efsli, WASLI or other), or it could mean a event that allows an interpreters to come and shadow others working. The GUADP portfiolio holder may propose a nominated event.
  • share experience and exchange information
  • develop a network of contacts that can offer support, information and advice
  • participate in discussions that affect our profession.
  • Or supports projects where locally based training and development initiatives relating to interpreting services is greatly needed, through providing the funds required to send trainers to participate in international development projects.

Click on GUADP policy for more information, To donate or to enquire about funding contact

London to Paris Bike Ride

A band of ASLI members cycled from London to Paris to attend the WASLI conference and to raise money for their Special Attendance fund in July 2019.  The WASLI Special Attendance fund supports those people who are working with the Deaf community but do not have the financial resources to attend conferences, be it deaf or hearing interpreters/interpreter trainers. The group’s ambition was to raise funds to enable WASLI to widen participation through this funding scheme and they raised £6,111.  We are very proud of their efforts and were glad to be able to welcome them as they arrived in Paris.