Mentoring supports Sign Language Interpreters and trainee Sign Language Interpreters to develop, refine skills and enhance knowledge to enable the individual to progress and reach their full potential.

Mentoring allows a space to work through dilemmas and issues faced by practitioners working daily in the field of interpreting in a non judgmental, confidential and fully supportive environment. It is usually used for a short period of time to focus on a specific area of development as agreed by both parties.

Mentoring in a crisis

ASLI members may be eligible to have their mentoring sessions paid for as a member benefit if they are in a crisis situation or are subject to an official complaint through the NRCPD.  This funding to pay for mentors has now been extended to cover members who make formal complaints to the NRCPD. Read more about our Well-being Fund here

Who are the mentors?

ASLI has trained and assessed experienced ASLI  members of the interpreting profession to  provide a range of mentoring services ASLI Mentors (deaf and hearing) are qualified in their field of mentoring.

ASLI Mentors undergo a 6-12 month programme of training and assessment, that includes mentoring Sign Language Interpreters and providing evidence of completion to the assessors. documents can be either handed to the Mentee or destroyed.

The main objective is to guide the Mentee through their experiences and encourage reflection so that Mentees make their own decisions

The mentoring relationship will enable the  exploration of areas such as professional relationships, role definition / assertion, new skills and/or different approaches to  interpreting.   ASLI publishes useful Shadowing guidelines for mentees to make best use of the opportunity to shadow their mentor or other experienced interpreters.

This could be by face to face meetings, telephone,email support or via our online platform.

Please remember it is your time, you decide on how and what you want support on and determine the duration of the mentoring relationship

The first, induction session, is free of charge.