Central East Anglia

Welcome to Central East Anglia Region! As you can see from the Regional Map, we cover a large geographical area! Despite this, we get together physically and virtually throughout the year.

We organise training days, often in different venues as we try to give members at least one course that’s not too far for them! Courses and Workshops are set up in response to members requests so please don’t be shy if there is something you would like to see happening in the region.

We usually try to save on travel time and miles by having the majority of our Regional Get Togethers online. Sometimes we have a speaker, and through the year we can cover several topics of interest to the group. We also discuss ASLI matters, so you know your view will be shared with the wider membership.

Members willingly share their particular experience and expertise. We have a good mix of trainees and experienced SLIs and you will find us a very supportive group.

We share updates and information on the website, and also have a WhatsApp group.

 The team you can see in the photo share the organisation in the region. If you haven’t been contacted by one of them when you join, please let us know, so that we can welcome you.

The Central East Anglia Regional Team