Devon and Cornwall

Hello all!

We are the Devon and Cornwall family!

Our rep team consists of Amy Barnes, Josie Bowler, Emily Quigley, Tracey Rail and Caron Wolfenden and together we manage training events and meetings for our region. We host meetings every two months, usually via Zoom as our region is spread across such a vast area. Our training sessions are based on member requests to keep our minds busy and our knowledge/skills up to date. We usually hold these events in Exeter as this is a more accessible venue for members and trainers. Then in the summer and winter months we head out for meals and activities across the region to enjoy the wonderful scenery and company (plus great local food and drink).

We are a lovely bunch of people (although we are biased) and always welcome new faces and ideas. If you are moving to the area or want to attend any of our meetings, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the email below.

We would love to hear from you!

D&C Team

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Meet the lovely team below:

Tracey Rail

Amy Barnes

Caron Wolfenden

Josie Bowler

Emily Quigley

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