Hello and welcome to the ASLI London Region page! The region spans a huge radius and although geographically smaller than some regions we have the largest number of members, with over 300 on our email distribution list.

Meet the rep team: Anna Kitson, Shaunett Harris and Tessa Longbottom.

We host regional gatherings every 2 months and offer training throughout the year. We have a friendly WhatsApp group offering support, advice, and the odd giggle.

Our region covers a wide variety of domains and diverse demographics, which means we have lots to talk about amongst our peers. We hope, through these discussions, we are enhancing the profession and our practices; supporting our fellow interpreters is paramount to our London region.

We are aware of the challenges working in London; we experience a variety of accents and dialects, there are frustrations at the lack of continuity for Deaf people often never seeing the same interpreter twice – the large city can be daunting and it can be hard to connect with others, feelings of imposter syndrome, varying rate structures, high living and travel costs… That’s why we’re here – to support one another!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for training, workshops, things that could benefit other members (particularly new members), regional gathering topics, or perhaps there is a workshop that you would like to run yourself, please get in touch. ASLI is for you and about you, so come and get involved in any way you want to!

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