North West

The Northwest is an active region with approximately 80 members. It holds regular monthly meetings and has a history of providing quality training events to suit all levels and experience. Traditionally the meetings have been face to face in Manchester, however, there has recently been an increase in the use of online platforms such a Zoom allowing a wider demographic to have access. It is proposed that future meetings be a mixture of both face to face and online.

The meetings are chaired with agenda items being requested in advance. All present are welcome to contribute to the proceedings. Minutes are taken and later made available via the website. Attending the regional meetings can be logged as CPD. All meetings and events are bound by both the ASLI and NRCPD codes of confidentiality.

As well as the monthly meetings there are social events and opportunities for informal development such as the monthly Book Club. There is also the regional Forum on the website where members can pose questions and contribute to discussions.
The region contains members of the Board and the former ASLI Chair, who holds a fellowship of the organisation (FASLI) so we are well represented at national level.

The Northwest is regularly represented at the Consultation Days making sure local, as well as national, issues are supported and funded. Members also regularly attend the AGM and ASLI Conference.

Our campaigns create a great deal of traffic on social media. Our campaigns work closely with the local Deaf Community and those providing services to local BSL users. The main focus of our campaigns is to provide access to BSL users along with best practice and good working conditions to those working in the role of Sign Language Interpreter or Translator.

Amongst the members there is a wealth of skills and experience. The atmosphere at any gathering aims to be welcoming and encouraging. Refreshments, including biscuits and cakes, are provided at non Web-based events. Dietary requirements are consider when known. Catering at ASLI events is Vegetarian/Vegan.

If you are considering attending your first ASLI meeting, you will be made to feel welcome and hopefully
find yourself amongst like-minded people. We look forward to meeting you.

The email address for the region is

The regional contact is Samantha Vanterpool. Our training rep is Sarah Glendenning and Gail Dixon looks after our budget.

Regional Meeting

NW represented at Consultation Day

Training with Clive Mason on Constructed Dialogue

Regional Meeting