Northern Ireland

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to ASLI Northern Ireland!

We are a great group of interpreters who are welcoming, friendly and very supportive of one another.

We arrange regional meetings were everyone has the opportunity to discuss and agree on what further training they would like and it’s also a safe place where everyone can chat, listen, question and examine the different aspects of interpreting.

We also have the fantastic use of the different forums and as well as our own regional forum where we can have professional discussions on all issues relating to interpreting.

As this is a member led organisation we all play a significant part in shaping our ASLI NI.  We welcome everyone to join in and get involved with us all!

Look forward to seeing you all.

You can get in touch with ASLI NI by emailing our regional representative.

This is Donna McGlinchey and you can get in touch with her at


Donna McGlinchey - Regional Contact for Northern Ireland