West Midlands

Welcome to the West Midlands region. We are an active region that meets every two months and host a robust CPD offer, with regular training events, informal led sessions and socials. We encourage all our members to participate; we have many wonderfully skilled individuals working in our area and love to get them involved! There’s even cake from time to time!

We are currently facilitated by a small committee of Liz Smith, Vicki Carrabin, Layne Whittaker and Ruth Peaker and welcome any new members to get in touch.

Please send any enquiries to [email protected]

The West Midlands' Committee

Clockwise from the top left are Vicki Carrabin, Liz Smith, Ruth Peaker and Layne Whittaker.

Some of the West Midlands' members during a training day.

The West Midlands' members meet online.