The ATW cap is being raised to £57,200

The DWP have announced that from 1st April 2018 cap is being raised from 1.5 x the National Average Salary (£43,100) to 2 x the National Average Salary (£57,200).

You can read all about this on DeafATW.

You can also read the UKCoD statement, with BSL translation, on DeafATW.

The higher cap should make it easier for many Deaf people who would struggle at the old cap of 1.5 x National Average Salary.

However for some Deaf people, the new cap of £57,200 will still be too low, and so DeafATW with UKCoD and DWP will carry on looking at what impact this has on Deaf people and employers.

Click here to read Sarah Newton’s, the Disability Minister, statement.

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