UK Census Survey

The Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI) is excited to announce the commissioning of a census survey study of the sign language interpreting and translation profession in the United Kingdom. This commission stems from the Association regularly receiving enquiries regarding numbers of interpreters and translators with particular characteristics, or those in particular work domains, and no such data currently exists. It is felt that this will benefit the profession as well as the communities we serve and is in line with the Association’s Articles.

As such, ASLI has engaged Jemina Napier to bring together a combined research team from Heriot-Watt University and Wolverhampton University who will work collaboratively to conduct an independent, thorough study of our profession to gain insight into the demographics. The research team includes a diverse group of interpreter practitioners and researchers with different backgrounds and experiences, including Robert Adam, Christopher Stone, Sandra Pratt and Robert Skinner as a research associate.

Although commissioned by ASLI this is an independent study and all major stakeholders will be invited by the research team to join an advisory group to contribute to the survey design.

This is an exciting piece of research that will provide data that can be utilised by organisations, researchers, students and enable gaps, such as lack of diversity, to be identified for future training and development opportunities, and to future-proof the profession.

The raw data will not be visible to the ASLI board or members and the project will adhere to stringent university ethical and data protection regulations to safeguard the information of survey respondents. A final report of the findings will be made available at the end of the project.