Wellbeing Fund


For several years, ASLI offered two free mentoring sessions to members who are going through an NRCPD investigation. The Board received very few requests from members to use this particular budget.

During 2019 / 2020 there was a lot of discussion from members around horizontal violence and interpreter health. The Board wants to ensure that members can access support from ASLI in a variety of ways.

Therefore, ASLI has opened up the criteria of this budget to become a Wellbeing Fund; a budget agreed by the Board members to pay for free mentoring or supervision sessions to members who may need them, for example if they are having a phased return to work.

This idea was initially proposed to those attending the Consultation Day in Edinburgh on February 29th 2020. The Board sought input from members about the criteria and process of using the fund. See below the finalised criteria and supporting information.

ASLI Wellbeing Fund Criteria & Information

ASLI offers members from Associate and Full Member categories two free of charge sessions with an ASLI supervisor or mentor if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  1. They are experiencing a crisis situation*
  2. They are making a complaint to the NRCPD
  3.  A complaint has been made against them to the NRCPD
  4.  Returning to work following a break for parental / carer responsibilities
  5.  Returning to work following a health issue or trauma
  6.  Experiencing bullying, harassment, discrimination or horizontal violence at work
  7.  Continuing work following a diagnosis of a serious health condition /disability

Please note that Student members are also eligible to access the fund if their circumstances covered by the criteria affect their ability to gain their interpreting / translation qualification.

* Mentors and supervisors have the autonomy to use their discretion when determining what is deemed a crisis under this first criteria item. Please contact the ASLI Board if you have any queries regarding this.

Members experiencing issues covered by the criteria can approach anyone from the following for two free support sessions:

  1. ASLI-qualified mentors (list here)
  2. 2. Professional Supervisors who are ASLI members (list here)
  3. 3. A suitable supervisor outside of the interpreting profession**
    ** Due to the limited number of qualified professional supervisors who are ASLI members, there is also the potential for a conflict of interest. Therefore, support sessions can be provided by a suitable supervisor outside of the interpreting profession.

Please note that NRCPD Supervisors will not be accepted as suitable support through this fund, due to potential conflicts of interest. Supervisors must be appropriately qualified, insured and receiving supervision for their supervisory practice. More guidance about finding a supervisor can be found here.

If you are struggling to find the support you need, please contact the Board and we will do our best to signpost you or put you in contact with a relevant professional.

Members seeking support must provide a summary of their circumstances or reasons to their chosen mentor or supervisor so that they can ensure the above criteria has been met. The issue or event has to affect the member’s ability to work or gain their interpreting / translation qualification, and it must be an issue that mentoring or supervision can help with.

Mentors and supervisors are required to inform the Board when they are approached by members for support. This is to ensure that the number of requests can be monitored, allowing the Board to continually check how much of the fund is still available to use. Once members have found support, their mentor or supervisor will send their invoices to the ASLI office. The office will obtain approval from the Board for payment. This is to protect the identity and circumstances of members. Members do not need to submit an application or evidence to the Board to access the fund.

The two initial free sessions must be used within one membership year (April -March).

If members require additional sessions, their mentor or supervisor must inform the Board for approval before agreeing and commencing with sessions.

Please note that these funded sessions are for new supervision and mentoring arrangements only. If you have an existing arrangement and are currently paying for / being paid to undertake supervision or mentoring, you cannot use the Wellbeing Fund to pay for those sessions.

As stated in the ASLI Honoraria and Remuneration Policy, mentors and supervisors can charge their average hourly rate to the fund to provide this support to members. The ASLI Wellbeing Fund is available to members from all categories from June 1st 2020.

Members are welcome to contact the Board to provide feedback about the support they have received from mentors and supervisors. Contact the Board: board@asli.org.uk