What We Do

ASLI is a membership organisation that encourages members to maintain and enhance their practice by offering opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD). We can also put interpreters in touch with a pool of mentors who have undertaken training specifically developed for those working in our field.

We regularly hold stimulating and informative conferences that attract presenters and delegates from around the globe.

ASLI’s resources are used to fund our work on behalf of our members.  The work falls into three areas agreed by the members at our Consultation Days.

  1. External Representation 

To ensure our profession is appropriately represented at events and the steps taken to ensure that we are consulted on matters of relevance to our members.

We disseminate Best Practice to external stakeholders and ensure that discussions are well-informed with a good evidence base.

  1.  Enhancing the Members’ Experience 

Regional and internal activity that ensures ASLI membership continues to give value for money in the range of support services we provide.

  1.  Modernising ASLI

Internal activity that brings ASLI into the 21st Century.