Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASLI?
ASLI is a professional membership association and support network for British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters and translators in the UK. Our membership includes those who work as interpreters and translators and people who support our aims.

What are the aims of ASLI?
To encourage good practice in sign language interpreting.
To represent the interests and views of sign language interpreters and the interpreting profession in the UK.

Who does ASLI work with?
ASLI works with Deaf organisations, NRCPD and feeds into local and national government policy.


What do I get as a member?
ASLI Interpreter Practitioner members (Qualified and Trainee) receive a range of benefits that include:

  1. Voting rights
  2. Professional Indemnity Insurance limit of indemnity £2,000,000
  3. Public liability Insurance limit of indemnity £2,000,000 any one event
  4. Free directory entry and updates
  5. Member’s own Bio and links to member’s website and social media
  6. Reduced entry fees to ASLI events and accredited courses
  7. Access to ASLI regional meetings for members based in UK
  8. Access to members’ area of the ASLI website
  9. Access to members’ and regional discussion forums via the ASLI website
  10. Monthly KYIT
  11. Quarterly magazine –  Newsli
  12. Regular updates on the work of ASLI
  13. Eligibility to stand for Regional Contact/Training Officer and/or Director of the Board
  14. Use of MASLI after your name (Qualified Practitioner Members only)
  15. Use of ASLI Member logo (available on request)
  16. Access to ASLI’s Continuous Professional Development and training
  17. Access to Conferences, Annual General Meetings, and Workshops
  18. Representation locally, nationally and internationally
  19. Access to free webinars
  20. Access to guidance and best practice documents and the opportunity to contribute to these guides

See the Membership Policy for further information.

I am on a course but am not an interpreter/translator yet can I join?
You may be able to join as a student member if you are on a degree course leading to trainee or qualified status or if you are completing a level 6 course with Signature.

How can I pay my membership?
You can pay annually, quarterly or monthly by direct debit or recurring card payment via the website.

I am Deaf, can I join?
Deaf interpreters and translators can join as Interpreter Practitioner members depending on their registration status. If you are on a course leading to qualification as a translator/interpreter then you may join as a student. We have our DIN (Deaf Interpreters Network) who work together on campaigns and training.
If you are Deaf but do not meet this criteria, you may be interested in becoming a supporter. See Our membership infographic

for more information. (

I am a foreign sign language interpreter but live in Britain, can I join ASLI?
Yes, we have a few ASL and other sign language interpreters as members.

I am a BSL Interpreter/Translator but live outside the UK , can I join?
Yes, we have some members who live abroad and participate in ASLI.

I own an agency/work for a Deaf charity, can organisations join ASLI?
Organisations can become supporters of ASLI (

How long does it take to join?
It doesn’t take long for you to complete the information required and membership is activated on receiving the first payment. Access to the website will be permitted once the office has verified your proof of status.

What qualifications do I need to become a Translator/Interpreter?
To become an Registered Sign Language Translator/Interpreter you will need level 6 qualifications in both languages you intend to work in (e.g. English and BSL). This can be achieved via a degree or vocational route.
Further details can be found on the NRCPD website.


I also work as a CSW/Lipspeaker/DeafBlind Guide/DeafBlind interpreter, am I covered by the insurance?
All of these have been checked with our insurers and are covered by our policy. Any other queries can be sent to

How long am I insured for after I retire?
Your insurance will cover any work you did as a member but not any paid work post retirement.

I am retired, but very occasionally work a single job (paid or voluntary), am I covered by insurance?
Voluntary work is covered but paid work is not.

If I leave am I still insured?
Once you leave ASLI, your insurance stops. However, any claims covering the time you were a member are still covered.

I have just joined, does ASLI insurance cover me for previous work?
You are only covered for the period you are a member.

I was a member, but left and rejoined, how does this affect my insurance?
You are only covered for the period you are a member.

How do I make a claim?
Best practice would be for a member to report a potential incident to ASLI in the first instance with as much details as they can provide, and then ASLI will pass this information on to the insurer to ensure that cover will react.

What does the insurance cover?
Cover for the membership is restricted to Professional Indemnity and Public/Products Liability. Professional Indemnity provides cover for the following: Legal liability as a direct result of negligence in the conduct of professional activities and duties by the Insured including:

  • Negligent misstatement or representation
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright, trademark, or moral rights or any act of passing off
  • Breach of confidence of misuse of information
  • Defamation
  • Dishonesty of directors, employees or sub-contractors
  • Negligence or breach of duty in connection with a transmission of computer virus or denial of service attack

How do I set up a profile?
See guide here

When does Newsli arrive?
Newsli is posted to members quarterly, January, April, July and October.

What is KYIT?
KYIT is ‘Keeping You In Touch’ our monthly e-newsletter. This will be sent out at the end of every month. It contains recent news and upcoming events.

How do I join a region?
Select your own Regional and Career Stage groups via the website here.

Can I sell my old books via ASLI?
You may post sale posts on our all members forum using the Selling tag. You may also post in your regional groups at the discretion of your regional rep

What is Going Pro?
Going Pro is our conference especially for early career interpreters and translators. We have workshops and speakers, plus time for networking.

How do I find out about CPD?
CPD events. Resources

Where is my membership number?
ASLI no longer issues membership numbers.


How do I upgrade my membership?
If you have recently qualified, congratulations!
You can manage your memberships here.

I am retiring can I still be a member?
There is a membership category for non-practicing interpreters, including those who have retired. We appreciate the experience of our members and do not want to lose this. You can manage your memberships here. Please contact the office with any queries.
We also have an agreement that the insurance will cover your previous work, however, it will not cover you for any paid work post retirement.

I am going on carers/sick leave, do I have to keep paying my membership?
Discounts are available, please contact You can also manage your memberships here.

How do I access the Wellbeing Fund?
Information on the Wellbeing Fund available here.

What happens on a Consultation Day?
All regions sent up to 2 representatives to share feedback and ideas from their regions with the Board. This is a good opportunity to share practice and meet others. Quite a lot of decisions are made over these meetings.

How do I get discount on training?
There is usually a member price and non-member price. If an event asks for a code it will involve emailing either the organiser or should be able to help you.

How can I get involved in international interpreting events?
Please look out for EFSLI and WASLI events via our website. ASLI are members and send representatives from ASLI to events in Europe and around the world. Members often attend and receive a discounted rate from being ASLI members.
ASLI also offers support to enable members to pay in instalments.

I would like to know more about joining the board, how can I find out more?
Board nominations are advertised in June/July every year. Please email to ask any questions regarding how the board works or to express an interest. See also our Governance page.

I would like to run an online group/book club, how can I organise this?
Please contact to create a group for you on our website

I have had problems with another member, how can I report this?
If a member has broken our code of conduct please email

How do I nominate someone for a FASLI award?
Nominations are requested in July when all the information is advertised for the AGM.

I’m interested in writing for Newsli, what should I do?
Please email with your ideas or to submit an article.

Does ASLI offer shadowing opportunities?
We offer early career interpreters the opportunity to shadow experienced interpreters at our national events. These are advertised annually. There may also be opportunities locally within your region.

I have an idea for a webinar/talk/presentation/training/project, who can I talk to about this?
Please email

I’d like to get more involved in ASLI, what roles are there?
We have board members, regional reps (this may be a committee rather than an individual), writing guidance, organising events, supporting students or early career interpreters, running online social events or quizzes. Please check KYIT and the News section of the website for any specific roles looking for volunteers.

I’d like ASLI to present/have a stall at an event, who should I contact?
Please email with details of the event.

Does ASLI offer opportunities for evidence collection?
Sections of regional meetings or training may be interpreted and recorded for evidence collection (depending on discussions and abiding by confidentiality). Other events may offer opportunities, please contact the organiser.


I am moving house, how do I change regions?
Please update your address on your profile page. See guide here. You can also email and they will update your region. Join the appropriate regional grouphere.

Can I attend events in other regions?
Yes, members can attend any regions events. Sometimes priority is given to that regions members for particularly popular courses.

I live on a border, can I be in two regions at once?
Your proportion of the budget can only be allocated to one region but you can attend events in either or both.

How do I find my regional representative?
See here. Regional reps listed on each group page.

There is no regional representative in my area but I would like to arrange some training?
Please contact and someone will be able to support you in accessing regional funds to pay or contribute to the training.

I am interested in becoming a regional representative, how do I find out more?
Please email for further information.

Who can attend regional meetings?
Any member can attend regional meetings. Guests may be present for their section however meetings are to remain confidential.


How do I join an ASLI webinar?
See here for events and to book on to events.
Events for specific regions are posted in groups.

How do I view a recorded webinar?
See here. Select webinars from the drop down list.

Can I claim structured CPD for viewing a recorded webinar?
Yes, ASLI has confirmation from NRCPD that notes from viewing the webinar suffice. There is an ASLI resource created for this purpose

Is there a limit to how many webinars I can attend?
No, you can attend as many as you wish as part of your membership.

I have an idea for a webinar, who can I talk to about this?
Please email we welcome requests, recommendations and suggestions.

I would like to interpret webinars, how do I do this?
Please email and we will add you to our list. We try to rotate our interpreters so we do not use the same people repeatedly. However, some presenters do request certain interpreters.

I have not received my webinar link, what should I do?
Please email before 6pm on the day of the webinar (or up to an hour before on other times) as we cannot guarantee a response after this.

I am booked on a webinar but cannot attend, what do I do?

Please note that you can cancel your own booking by using the RSVP function


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