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Our members are Interpreters and Translators, who are appropriately qualified and insured.

Professional sign language interpreters

ASLI, the Association of Sign Language Interpreters and Translators in the United Kingdom was established in 1987, to provide professional discussion on all issues related to sign language interpreting and the provision of interpreting services. From the beginning our aims have been simple: to encourage good practice in sign language interpreting and to support our fellow professionals.

Annual General Meeting – call for member resolution and nominations.

This year the ASLI AGM will be held online.
It will be on Sunday 11th October at 11am the day after our ‘Definitely Not A Conference’ event.  Please see our AGM page for more information.
Members will be able to access the documentation to submit motions, nominate board members and Fellowships (FASLIs) as well as access the online voting via the AGM page.
Prior to the AGM we will host a separate pre-AGM meeting to discuss any motions as we would usually do at our face to face AGMs.   The date for this will be announced in due course.
If you wish to attend the AGM please RSVP using our calendar – you do not have to be a member to attend our AGM, it is an open meeting but only full and associate members are allowed to vote.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Latest News

APPG Coronavirus Enquiry Submission

Today we have submitted a response outlining our concerns regarding Deaf access during the Coronavirus pandemic to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)Enquiry. For further information about the enquiry see this page. Here is our submission. Read more…

Video Recordings: An Introduction to the National Police Procurement Framework for BSL Interpreting, Lipspeaking & Translation Services

Please see below links to video recordings for both Introduction to the National Police Procurement Framework for BSL Interpreting, Lipspeaking & Translation Services sessions. Mark Lewis, (National Police Contract Manager – Language Services) joined us for discussions with interpreters, translators and lipspeakers. Thank you to Mark for joining us, and to those who co-ordinated, interpreted and Read more…

Benefits of ASLI

Our Vision

Our Ethos: Encouraging good practice, and supporting our fellow professionals by

  • Providing opportunities for continuous professional development through training, discussion and networking
  • Providing best practice papers, policy and guidance on working and engaging with interpreters in a variety of domains
  • Developing full range of support services and skill enhancing opportunities
  • Ensuring that all statements made by ASLI are supported by evidence, accurate, balanced and written with integrity
  • Ensuring that official documentation is drafted by experienced members, based on best practice, and with reference to external standards and research
  • Engaging with those that share our ethos, are committed to best practice and the needs of the profession