Deaf Interpreters Network

Deaf Interpreters Network is a network of interpreters and translators who are deaf and are ASLI members or supporters.

In line with the ASLI ethos, DIN aims:

  • To encourage good practice in sign language interpreting and translation done by deaf practitioners.
  • To encourage more deaf practitioners to become qualified and registered by supporting them and providing guidance.
  • To represent the interests and views of sign language interpreters and translators who are deaf and the interpreting profession in the UK.


In doing this, DIN will:


  • Organise regular webinars and workshops for CPD and conferences.
  • Provide advice to the ASLI Board and staff on issues relating to deaf interpreters and translators.
  • Contribute to ASLI development best practice papers, policy and guidance on working and engaging with interpreters in a variety of domains.
  • Represent ASLI (with the agreement of the Chair) at external events relating to training, qualifications, accreditation and employment of deaf interpreters and translators.
  • Encourage training and registration of deaf interpreters and translators.
  • Support ASLI and community events.

As a group DIN shall welcome its members to form a Committee with a Chair to meet regularly and provide advice to the ASLI Board if and when necessary. This committee is advisory in nature and does not have any legal status within ASLI although the Chair will act as the first point of contact from the ASLI Board and represent ASLI where appropriate.

The current DIN committee is made up of:

  • Robert Adam
  • Clara Allardyce
  • Sam Calder-Bray
  • Shane Gilchrist
  • Marcel Hirshman
  • Lesley McGilp
  • Jay Morton-Thomas
  • Ahmed Mudawi
  • Carolyn Nabarro (chair)
  • Rachael Parker
  • Emma Trainor
  • Ramon Woolfe