Welcome to ASLI Scotland!  We are spread far and wide across our beautiful part of the UK, but we are a friendly bunch.  We meet for coffee mornings, regional get-togethers (usually in an evening) and our reading group is about to re-emerge.

We also meet to discuss academic papers/book chapters relating to interpreting.  Not as stuffy as it might sound! – Sometimes we will consider literature that is still connected to interpreting but it might be lighter.  Come join us and see.

We also have the Scottish Early Careers Interpreters’ Group who meet virtually for now but hopefully will return to meet in Edinburgh soon. The group is facilitated by Tessa Slaughter and Marion Fletcher and is meant for those interpreters who have been qualified for under five years and who want a safe space to chat.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The regional contact for Scotland is Julie Wilson. Get in touch with Julie by emailing

Julie Wilson - Regional Contact for Scotland