The structure of ASLI is set up in a way that enables us to be member-led and to enable members to take a full and active part in developing new procedures, services and activities for our profession.

Twice a year the Board stages Member Consultation Days where representatives from each of the ASLI Regions come together with Board members in order to feed into the work of the Association.

Having consulted their regional members, at consultation day, attendees are able to ensure that the Board is kept abreast of issues of relevance to regional members throughout the UK. Attendees are further available to be consulted on proposed activity at the national level.

At Consultation Day, the ASLI Work Streams are reviewed and agreed for the next term.

The first Consultation Day was held in Reading on 6th July 2013.

ASLI Members can read Minutes from past Board meetings and Consultation Days here.

The Board

The ASLI board of Directors is appointed to run the affairs of the association in accordance with Company law. Other people may be co-opted on to the Board from time to time, as required.

There are six Directors,  Jill Henshaw RSLI, Emily Quigley RSLI, Jenny Koehring RSLI, Nicola Alloway TSLI, Benjamin Gorman RSLT and Sarah Butt RSLI, all of whom are practitioners in the field of interpreting and translation.

To contact the board please email [email protected] .

Jill Henshaw RSLI

Chair of the Board of Directors

BSL/English Interpreter

Jill is a freelance interpreter based in Derbyshire and has worked as an interpreter in range of settings in both an employed and a freelance capacity since 2006 and completed her Postgraduate Diploma with SLI in 2009. As a member of ASLI, initially as an Associate Member then as a Full Member she has always been active in her region and found it to be a great support as she started her career. Jill was the regional contact and training officer for the East Midlands region between 2016 and 2018. Her work is a mix of interpreting predominantly in medical, education, mental health and training settings and VRS interpreting for a Deaf-led company. In addition Jill works as a specialist language tutor for Deaf students and provides training on a range of interpreting-related topics.

Jill joined the board in 2017 and has been involved with organising ASLI’s Consultation Days and supporting regional contacts.  She believes ASLI’s position as an association both here in the UK, and on the worldwide stage is an important one to support fellow professionals and the deaf community. Jill is proud to support, and be supported by, such an active association.

Jenny Koehring RSLI

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

BSL/English Interpreter
As an early career interpreter Jenny is aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and resources as well as supporting one another on a personal level within the profession. Jenny feels she has been embraced by the ASLI family from the day she joined over four years ago and cherishes the learning opportunities she had as well as the personal relationships she has formed.

As an ASLI director, Jenny would like to help ensure that others continue to have positive experiences as well as working with the board to develop new, and further ways of supporting future professionals.

Having lived, learned and worked in four countries and various regions of the UK, she is passionate about linguistic, cultural and personal diversity as well as global communication and understanding. This is one of the reasons Jenny chose a new career as an interpreter and another way in which she hopes to make relevant contributions to the board, both for current and future members.

Jenny is an interpreter, a former social worker, a student and a hobby chef, and also a mother of a soon-to-be teenager and believes it to be crucial for young people like him to understand words like diligence, commitment, fairness and constructivity. All of these are strongly present in ASLI and she is therefore proud to help promote the values of the association.

Nicola Alloway TSLI

Trainee BSL/English Interpreter

Nicola joined ASLI as a student member in 2017 and became an associate member later that year when she became a TSLI. Since her first meeting she has appreciated the support given to her by the members of all levels and various lengths of service. Nicola particularly appreciates this as she lives in an area with few interpreters, and working as a freelancer on a development plan, means ASLI is an essential resource for her.

As someone new to the profession I will still be learning my role as an interpreter which means I will be representative of the students and TSLIs who are finding their place in an evolving profession. Although I am new to interpreting I have a long work history in education, social care and youth offending services which means I have worked in difficult complex and challenging situations. I naturally question conventions and processes to enable me to understand the reason behind them.

This means that as a member of the board I will consider decisions and their implications carefully and in as much depth as possible.

Emily Quigley RSLI

BSL/English Interpreter

Emily joined ASLI as a student, then began her interpreting career in 2013 after completing the interpreting degree at the University of Wolverhampton. Since then Emily has enjoyed working as a freelance interpreter across the South West, alongside working for the Deaf-Led Services branch of Devon-based charity Living Options. Interested in personal and professional development, Emily accepted the role of training officer for Devon & Cornwall in 2016, and completed the SLI Advanced Diploma in 2017. Emily enjoys frequent engagement with colleagues at ASLI regional meetings, webinars and consultation days, and is eager to participate further with ASLI with her work with the board.

Benjamin Gorman RSLT

English/BSL Translator

Benjamin Alexander Gorman is a BSL Translator working mainly in London but also has worked all over the UK, and in COVID-19 time, internationally via Zoom! He has worked in a range of settings including, but not limited to: Mental Health, Education, Social Services, Community, VRS Interpreting, Language Support and has been mainly focusing on DeafBlind Interpreting. He has been registered since 2014, first as a trainee translator and became qualified in 2017. Benjamin became part of ASLI as an associate member and then became a full member of the London Region. He also became a member of the Deaf Interpreter Network (DIN) committee in 2014 and although it was dormant for a few years, he took up the position of Chair at the start of 2018 and has been involved ever since then. As DIN has expanded and there are more translators coming up through the ranks especially with the new qualifications coming out, Benjamin decided to nominate himself for the position of Director in 2020 and has high hopes for an increase in both Deaf and Hearing people working together as colleagues and equals.

Sarah Butt RSLI

BSL/English Interpreter

Sarah Butt is a freelance interpreter based in Warwickshire.  She works throughout the UK but predominantly in the Midlands and London.  Sarah trained as an interpreter at the University of Wolverhampton (joining ASLI as a student member during her degree), qualifying as RSLI in 2018. She works mainly within the arts and media, education, business and training, and community interpreting, and specialises in Christian interpreting.

Sarah’s career change to interpreting followed an extended career break to focus on the needs of her neurodiverse family, which included learning at a steep rate about accessibility and disability rights.  Her previous work experience includes a career as a solicitor and then as business & operations manager, and also includes voluntary stints as school governor and then Charitable trustee. She is excited to be undertaking this new role as a Board member of ASLI.

Sarah is passionate about encouraging sustainability and accountability within the interpreting profession and sees professional supervision and reflective practice as an important part of facilitating supportive challenge and development.  She is currently training to become a professional supervisor.

Sarah has benefitted from and appreciated the support of ASLI throughout studying, training, qualifying and working as an interpreter, and especially throughout the COVID-19 crisis. She has particularly enjoyed the extensive online training available and the opportunity to meet and get to know colleagues in a mutually supportive environment.   Overall she is committed to doing all she can in this role to help remove barriers to professional growth and development.